Hear the new EP from Pardon Us

By Glen Bushell

Later this week Pardon Us will release their excellent new EP, and today we are bringing you an exclusive listen to it a few days early.

“The songs on this EP, although not deliberately written to a particular theme, accidentally came together to form a snapshot of the life of a directionless thirty-something idiot,” explains Pardon Us guitarist, Morgan. “Topics covered include catastrophic career choices (‘Goodnight Adam 12’), contempt for more successful/more privileged peers (‘Flightless’), the panicky realisation that you’ve procrastinated away your best years ( ‘Sleepwalk’), and the importance of staying punk through it all (‘Carry On’). In fact, the only track which bucks this trend is the download-only bonus song ‘Ohm’, which is simply about how boss Liverpool is, and how silly anyone would be to leave!”

“We recorded the tracks with the top punk legend Mark Magill just in our practice room in Liverpool over 3 days,” adds drummer Gabby. “Mark has a great understanding of what we’re going for as a band which is awesome, and he knows how to get the best takes from us, especially when I’m 4 takes in and still messing up that same bit, he also joined in adding some extra backings which was excellent!”

The EP is released on February 3rd via Everything Sucks Records, and is available to pre-order now.