Guttermouth take on materialism with their new single, ‘Mail Order Bride’

Guttermouth take on materialism with their new single, ‘Mail Order Bride’

By Glen Bushell

Nov 2, 2016 12:00

For nearly 30-years, Guttermouth have been a punk rock institution. The Californian natives have been responsible for some of the most incessantly catchy, and humorous punk, and in 2016, they apparently have no plans on stopping just yet. They released their first music in nearly a decade with their ‘Got It Made’ EP earlier this year, and they are back again already with another EP, ‘New Car Smell’.

“To be honest, even with ‘Got It Made’, there really wasn’t pressure to put that out,” states Guttermouth guitarist, Geoff Armstrong, when asked if they were making up for lost time this year. “What led to that happening is we were finally just in a place where we wanted to write a few songs and if we were happy how they came out, we would put it out. ‘Got It Made’ went well and we had a little bit of creative juice left, so we went to work on ‘New Car Smell’. Rude Records and Bird Attack Records did a collab on both releases and with their support, it happened.”

The creativity that Armstrong speaks of comes from the band feeling much more comfortable at this point. He explains that Guttermouth have had “a pretty steady line up for a while now,” and that “everyone is very comfortable working with each other.”

As with any new release from a band with a career as long as the one Guttermouth have had, their new material was naturally judge against their previous output. “’Got It Made’ seemed to remind people of the early Guttermouth days from what we gathered with reviews and such, which was nice to hear,” continues Armstrong. “As long as we are happy with how it comes out, that is what’s most important to us. Of course we hope the Guttermouth fans will like it as well but there is no way to predict how that will go. When a band starts writing to please a certain crowd, things usually go in a shitty direction. Once it is out, I guess that’s when we find out what people think of it.”

One of the standout tracks on ‘New Car Smell’ is their new single, ‘Mail Order Bride’, which we are bringing you for the first time today. In typical Guttermouth fashion, it is as tongue-in-cheek as ever, but Armstrong insists it’s “open to interpretation as everything,” but comes with a deeper meaning at its core.

“In somewhere such as California, a person is judged on money, cars, etc and that often is more important then the actual relationship,” he explains “The song might just be venting some frustration on dealing with materialistic people and going from relationship to relationship with the same end result. Obviously there is humour in it like always and we like to think of it as a unisex song,” laughs Armstrong.

That brings us to discussing the combination of humour and music that very few bands seem to pull off these days. “Is there even room for bands to have a sense of humour anymore?” asks Armstrong. “Many bands and people take themselves way too serious. My belief is music should be for entertainment. If you are getting your beliefs, politics or whatever from a bunch of 20 year olds who are in a band and have never lived anywhere but their parent’s house, then maybe you should reconsider your thought process.

“We don’t really care what other bands do, but it’s nice when we travel with a band or see a band that looks like they are actually having fun on stage and being on tour,” he continues. “We are lucky that we are a bunch of guys who find humour in almost anything and we have fun when we are touring. Granted, we all have our meltdown moments but we spend a lot of time laughing and fucking off. Some bands seem so fucking miserable I have no idea why they even do what they do.”

With ‘New Car Smell’ showing that Guttermouth still have the ability to do what they do very well, the final question that has to be asked, through all the line up changes years on the road, what’s been the key to the bands longevity? “One never expects something like this to last,” says Armstrong, still humbled by the bands legacy. “The key to longevity is having fun, and reminding ourselves we are lucky to get paid to entertain and play music.”

‘New Car Smell’ is released on November 25th via Rude Records and Bird Attack Records. Pre-orders are available in digital and physical formats.