Gloo premiere video for ‘Stop & Stare’

By Yasmin Brown

Despite being completely DIY – working without a label or management of any description – Gloo have managed to self-release and album that has resulted in them being popular enough to embark on UK and (yet to be announced) EU tours.

The video for the track ‘Stop & Stare’ is shot entirely on an iPhone, edited by the band themselves. It’s sure to make you feel like you’ve just taken some form of hallucinogenic, and is the perfect accompaniment to the track.

This has always been a track we wanted to release, from way back when it was a shitty iPhone voice memo on Toms phone. Now it’s recorded, all singing and dancing, its time has finally come! We wanted a performance video to really get the feel our live show, so we hit up our local gig spot Bar 42. Mark (the owner) was not only kind enough to let us take the place over for a few hours. but he did all the smoke and lights to make us feel super important!
– Mark Harfield, Drums

Check out the video and tour dates below and be sure to go and listen to Gloo’s album, ‘A Pathetic Youth’

2 KINGSTON, Fighting Cocks
23 WORTHING, Bar 42
13 DOVER, Lighthouse
20 WORTHING, Pangalactic Festival
29 DOVER, Petchfest