Get the first listen of My Only’s debut EP

By Tamsyn Wilce

The emo revival has done wonders for the likes of Moose Blood, Turnover and Basement the past couple years and now it’s time to have your heart gauged out by Cambridgeshire quartet My Only, who release their debut EP ‘This Room & You’ today.

“After finishing writing the EP and reflecting on what we’d actually created as a team, so many of our different inspirations and experiences, (which we had been going through at the time), seemed to have come through so naturally. Each song on the EP is within our sphere of influences yet still has its own personality and lyrical theme.”

Get the first listen of the record with us, right below.

With brutally honest lyrics and an energy that reflects the likes of Crooks and Boston Manor, My Only have got the formula and creativity to carve their pathway in the UK music scene, so you better start following them.

You can pick up the EP by visiting: