First view of the new Sean Grant & The Wolfgang video

By Ben Tipple

Having released their debut ‘We The Working Class’ EP in early June via The Shipping Forecast, punk-folk ensemble Sean Grant & The Wolfgang have unveiled the video for the record’s title-track.

The somewhat slapstick video accompanies a tale of an imbalanced society. On ‘We The Working Class’, Sean Grant speaks of a young man downtrodden and spat out by society based on his social status and wealth. It’s a story many can relate to.

“Working class was always going to have “working class” connotations with regards to tools, digging and Dr Martens,” Grant says of the video. “The promise of a better life, a pipe dream if we play the lottery or chase a dream that we should wait for and keep working as part of the system, a small cog like my Grandfather who the song is based on. A man to me who was typical working class, joined the army at a young age, returned and started work in a shoe factory in Northampton, my home town. Saved his whole life to travel with my Grandmother when he retired but died of cancer a year before they planned to do that. My salute to him and anybody else that has lived that life.”

The remainder of the EP discussed themes of domestic violence, brutality and the emerging unsung heroes.

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang’s debut EP is available now via iTunes.