First play of the self-titled All The Best Tapes debut

By Ben Tipple

On paper, Stoke based trio All The Best Tapes shouldn’t work. Their sound is a schizophrenic mixture of progressive rock, punk, hardcore vocals and melodic jazz. Far from inciting the initially expected stress headache, they instead tread the thin line previously traversed by the likes of The Mars Volta and Protest The Hero.

Clearly influenced heavily by the two bands, All The Best Tapes maintain their unique edge by fundamentally layering it all on a home-grown punk vibe. Even when things get truly weird, the band retain the foundations and everything falls into place. On ‘New Ribs’, as with most of the album, the track bounces between soaring melody, urgent screams and funk interludes (yes, funk interludes).

Ultimately, All The Best Tapes have created a jarring piece of music that simply works. It’s fast, unpredictable, but most importantly, accomplished.

Pre-orders will be available soon via FXD Records.

All The Best Tapes will be playing a handful of dates over the next few months, including:

05 STOKE ON TRENT The Rigger w/True English Gents

10 LEEDS All Beyer, Temple of Boom

24 STAFFORD Anotherfest, The Grapes

18-19 MANCHESTER A Carefully Planned Fest