First play of the new Tiny Kingdoms single, ‘Your Bones’

By Glen Bushell

We’ve never made a secret of our love for Tiny Kingdoms, and we featured them in our P.O.V section back in May this year. Naturally, we are excited to bring you the first play of their excellent new single, ‘Your Bones’.

“‘Your Bones’ is about a girl I had feelings for years ago and finding out later that she had feelings for me as well; just imagining what would have happened if it worked out back then or if it could work out now,” explains Tiny Kingdoms vocalist/guitarist, Nico Miura. “It became my favourite Tiny Kingdoms track to perform when we started playing acoustic shows. We sort of remade the song and then discussed actually rerecording it because we knew it was a fan favourite. We had a lot of ideas for it as well. John Terry (engineer/producer of “I’ll Wait Around”) really helped bring that song (and EP) to life and I’m extremely excited to show people the new version.”

‘Your Bones’ is taken from Tiny Kingdoms forthcoming EP, ‘I’ll Wait Around’, which is released on November 2nd via Whelmed Records.

Photo Credit: Kyle Bergfors