First play of the new Giants album ‘Break The Cycle’

By Mike Scott

Giants, for the uninitiated, have been doing the rounds on the DIY hardcore scene for a few years now. A model of measured perfection, their sound is the kind of melodic hardcore that has all but disappeared since the end of the last decade – the kind of clinical hardcore that Go It Alone or The Effort produced across the pond; that abrasive yet melodic hardcore that is as much Pennywise as it is your favourite Bridge 9 band. Add to that a very English accent (especially on the soaring backing vocals) and you have yourself Giants.

‘Break The Cycle’ is the extension of the band’s live show – perfectly executed, catchy but aggressive, measured and highly produced. Advance tracks ‘Against The Grain’ (a nod to Bad Religion, doubtless) and the album closer ‘I’ve Been Low’ are by no means isolated highlights – as you’ll hear for yourself, with PT’s exclusive stream of the album – out April 1st on Holy Roar Records.

Pre-orders for the digital and physical releases are all available through various links on the Holy Roar website.