First play of the new Desert Tundra EP, ‘Something Fierce’

By Glen Bushell

Today we are bringing you an exclusive listen to the new EP from LA alternative rock band, Desert Tundra. ‘Something Fierce’ is made up of four honest tracks about love, loss and sadness, and vocalist Janet Jelena has broken down the EP with a track-by-guide below.

‘The Fall’

It’s an entire song full of questions. It’s about the questions and insecurities I get when I’m in a relationship. Specially when the feeling is reciprocated. It’s a very strong statement of my “I’m not good enough” complex.

‘Nothing Left’

This is a pretty straight forward song about depression. It’s about feeling the lowest of lows and not really seeing any solution to your problems. Even the song has no resolution. So essentially its just 4 minutes of pure sadness.

‘Something Fierce’

It’s about that infatuation when you first meet someone. That feeling of euphoric love and wanting to be with that person ALL the time, 24/7. It’s about the butterflies, the desire and yearning to be with that person.

‘Bar 20’

It’s essentially a break up song. I named the song ‘Bar 20’ because it’s where I met the guy, at Bar 20 on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. It’s pure anger, hatred, pain and sorrow. It’s about that heavy feeling in your heart, like you can’t breathe.

‘Something Fierce’ is released on April 21 and available to pre-order now.