First play of the new Animal Youth track, ‘Darkest Place’

By Glen Bushell

From hardcore to indie rock, Belgium has always had a penchant for producing some fine music. The latest addition to that list is Brussels-based post punk trio, Animal Youth, and today we are bringing you an exclusive listen to their new single, ‘Darkest Place’.

“‘Darkest Place’ is a bit of an aural taste of death & rebirth within the field of love,” explains Animal Youth vocalist, Guy’. “A primal pact of careless lovers who are quick to fall into a twisty-tunneled descent… the ruin of a relationship—the place where everything comes to end and dies. In the shadowy spiral, new things are borne of death & spring up from the darkest place…”

‘Darkest Place’ is taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Animal’, which is released on May 27 via Weyrd Son Records, and is available to pre-order now.