First play of the ‘In A Week, On A Whim’ EP by Chisel Beeches

By Ben Tipple

Chisel Beeches are built around musical complexity. Inspired by Ian McEwan’s book ‘On Chesil Beach’, the Surrey (UK) four-piece work on a mantra of consistent transition. “It poses a constant reminder not to settle,” basist and co-vocalist Matt Alford explains, referring to their literary muse.

On the band’s debut EP, ‘In A Week, On A Whim’, the attitude is cemented. Progressive and experimental, the six tracks blend expansive soundscapes with a notable British math-rock vibe, ever-dominated by consistently captivating melody and their distinctive vocals. Opening with the brilliant pre-release single, ‘Take You Home’, the record celebrates its own diversity. ‘Tracy’ bounds from upbeat pop-punk verses to the heavy riffs of the closing third, showcasing the unpredictability that characterises the entire EP.

This innovation steers clear of inconsistency. Although the record wears its sporadic nature on its sleeves, there are melodic twitches that keep it cohesive. The bouncy guitar runs throughout each track even at their heaviest, with the soaring vocals that recall the departed Canterbury and even Claudio Sanchez of Coheed & Cambria laying their mark on each. The musicianship is intricate, polished and accomplished – complex but never overtly so.

“‘In A Week, On A Whim’ is our poorly named debut EP. I say poorly named due to the amount of blood, sweat and other bodily fluids poured into this release and the fact it took slightly longer than a week to record,” vocalist and guitarist Steve McDonagh explains.

“Named after lyrics from our closing track ‘You’re Boring’, we tackle hard-hitting topics such as domestic violence (‘Bloke Next Door’) and inappropriate relations with a friend’s stepmother (‘Tracy’); with poignant and graceful lyrics such as “Na na, na na, I was so right, na na, I was, woah oh oh” (‘You’re Boring’). Please validate our efforts by pressing play.”

We recommend you press play. You won’t regret it.

‘In A Week, On A Whim’ will be available from the 1st April 2016.

Chisel Beeches will be playing in London at the end of this month, before launching the EP with a live show at Matthew’s Yard in Croydon, joined by Bellevue Days and Best Of Enemies.

31 LONDON Dublin Castle

16 CROYDON Matthew’s Yard

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