First play of ‘My Generation’, the new single from Thomas Nicholas

By Glen Bushell

The American Pie movies were part of the youth of an entire generation. The jokes, the love lives, and the relatable coming of age story of growing up won them a place in the hearts of many. For Thomas Nicholas, who starred in the movies as Kevin Myers, it has been about more than just the movies. He has been performing and writing music for many years, and while unsuccessfully trying to get a song on the soundtrack for the first three, it finally happened for the soundtrack of American Pie: The Reunion in 2012.

Now, Nicholas and his band are gearing up to release their ‘#FratParty’ album, which features covers of songs from the American Pie movies, as well as an original track, ‘My Generation’, which we are bringing you today.

“Never give up on your dreams, even if it takes you 13 fucking years,” says Nicholas of his journey to getting a song on the soundtrack. “Since the #FratParty album is us getting to record all our favourite songs from American Pie soundtrack albums, we had to include our original track, ‘My Generation.'”

‘#FratParty’ is released on February 3rd, and available to pre-order from, with a portion of the sales being donated to the LTD Foundation.¬†Thomas Nicholas will also be back in the UK on November 6th, performing at the afterparty of¬†Wales Comicon in Wrexham.

Photo Credit: Mark Barnfield