First play of ‘In Your Own Way’ by Jack the Envious

By Mark Johnson

We’re giving you the chance to stream Jack the Envious’ second EP ‘In Your Own Way’ ahead of its release. The band’s latest series of catchy post-hardcore will be available to as a free digital download on July 14th.

Speaking about the release, the band say: “we’ve got so many songs in our arsenal at the moment, it’s been crazy to choose only five songs, but we wanted to keep it simple. Bands change all the time, a little here, a little there. With that being said, we wanted to capture it yet give the listeners who already know us that familiar Jack the Envious vibe. The songs are, in a way, very different from each other, but at the same time contain the guidelines of a Jack the Envious song. We never settled on one style of writing, and every time it’s a different journey but with the same friends.”

Check out the EP below: