Enter Shikari release ‘Radiate’ plus some words from the band!

By Chris Marshman

Enter Shikari have released the complete and utter superbanger ‘Radiate’ check out the video and some words from the band below.

What’s the story behind the song?

The song is about ‘suppression of expression’ (which is a bit of a tongue twister that i actually used to have as an exercise in my vocal warm ups before going on stage!)

It was influenced by the despotic regimes throughout the world that outlaw the creation and performance of original music in all it’s wonderfully different forms.

Is this song more like what we might come to expect from Enter Shikari in the future?

Heh, we always get asked this question every time we release something, “oh ok, is THIS what we should expect in the future?” and then another tune comes out, “ohhh! is THIS what we should now expect?” heheh.
I’d say the easiest way out of this repetitive annoyance is just to simply not anticipate or second guess anything we’re gonna do in the future! That’s what I’ve learnt to do! I guess we’re too fidgety.

Do you have any plans in place for the release of the third new song?

Nothing as of yet. Just finishing the final touches on it. Perhaps it’ll come out a little later in the year.