Early stream and commentary for Home Wrecked’s brand new EP

By Mark Johnson

Pop punk quintet Home Wrecked will release their latest EP ‘Try What You Like, Just Make Sure It Works’ on April 20 through Primordial Records,  and we’re giving you an exclusive preview of the full record, plus a track-by-track commentary from the band.

Check it out below:

1. Back On The Grid

It’s about losing the plot and going into self destruction mode whilst being in a toxic relationship. The late nights, the parties, the booze and not knowing who to turn to or what to do.

Musically this is probably the most ‘traditional’ pop punk track on the record. We had to write and re write this song about three times as at first we weren’t as happy with it as we could be. It’s one of the most fun songs to play live!

2. Moving Day

The story is in the title. After a relationship goes south, the moving on part follows, leaving memories behind. It’s also our ‘heaviest’, if you like, track on the record and perhaps the heaviest we’ve written to date with one of our favourite choruses.

During the video shoot for this song as well, there’s a major spelling mistake on one of the boxes with the lyrics on (Dan’s fault). See if you can spot it!

3. Nothing Like you

This is the tear-jerker. If this doesn’t get you to tears then nothing will I’m afraid! Is about the aftermath of a break up/separation and letting go. It speaks of all the emotions that come with losing someone in a break up, despite you trying your best. The best option is to leave; we’ve all been there.

4. Red card

This is very different to the other tracks, musically it’s a lot darker and heavier. Lyrically it tells the story of alcohol and substance abuse and being trapped in a dark place.

5. Stepping stones

It’s a bouncy, feel good track; it’s also a big middle finger to doubters that we’ve all encountered at some point in our lives but also gives off really ‘feed good’ vibes. We literally wrote this song and finished it in two rehearsals.

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