Desertfest 2018 – Warm Up Playlist

Desertfest 2018 – Warm Up Playlist

By Jay Hampshire

Mar 21, 2018 15:27

With Desertfest 2018 approaching fast, and the line up and stage splits now announced, we decided to throw together a warm up playlist for each day of the festival, featuring tracks from some of the artists we're most excited to see. If you've got an appetite for riffs, consider it well and truly whetted.

Friday – May 4th

Seattle hardcore mainstays¬†Zeke¬†might be a bit fast for some of the Desertfest faithful, but they pack hook laden riffs in like sardines. While cuts like ‘Liar’ see¬†Blind Marky Felchtone screaming with acid-throated rage, we’d love to see their twist on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’ get an airing too.¬†Milton-Keynes-via-Surrey duo¬†Tuskar¬†dole out head spinning prog-sludge with hypnotic intensity. Manchester’s premier black metal tribe¬†Winterfylleth may have caused the odd controversy, but the sweeping majesty of cuts like ‘A Valley Thick With Oaks’ will have you yearning for Olde England.

GHOLD‘s waves of noise are as uplifting as they are disorienting, and they’re executed with a gravitas most bands can only aspire to. ¬†NOLA’s filthiest sons¬†Eyehategod¬†will no doubt give a sludge masterclass over at the Electric Ballroom, and we’re anticipating a sickening performance of ‘Dixie Whiskey’ with a back in shape Mike Williams spewing his vocal venom.

The legendary¬†Jex Toth¬†may add a little ethereal calm to the weekend with smooth and soulful tracks like ‘Kagemni’, which Brummie grindcore forefathers¬†Napalm Death¬†will probably do their best to absolutely annihilate with their frantic, politically charged cult classics.¬†¬†Gothenburg’s¬†Graveyard¬†will bring the first day to a close with deliciously old school style, ‘Ungrateful Are The Dead’ and their other finest cuts dripping with retro riffs and Zeppelin worshiping psychedelic flourishes.

Saturday – May 5th

Tokyo’s¬†Church Of Misery¬†might well be the band to travel the furthest to grace the Desertfest stages, and we’re glad they’re bringing their acid-spattered, serial killer obsessed take on Sabbath with them. Hailing (aptly) from Cape Fear,¬†Sourvein¬†dredge the bleakest depths of sludge to drag molasses thick cuts like ‘Gemini’ to the surface.

Hull based misery merchants¬†Mastiff¬†threw down one of the most engaging albums of 2017 with ‘Bork’, and we’re excited to see them brutalise the capital once again.¬†Meanwhile,¬†Darkher¬†will be putting a hex on The Dev with their ethereal acoustic led lamentations.

For many,¬†North Carolina’s¬†Weedeater¬†will be the band of the weekend, and the fact they’re treating us to two sets will make sure their bourbon and pot fueled hoedown gets the airing it deserves. It’s entirely fitting that doom supergroup¬†Dead Witches¬†will descend upon The Underworld to exorcise all sorts of demons with dark hymnals like ‘Drawing Down The Moon’.

Hamburg hailing trio¬†The Moth¬†are no nonsense riff machines, ‘Loose’ and their other tracks driving and churning away without giving you a pause for breath. Speaking of riffs, California’s¬†High On Fire¬†have so many on tap that they could probably headline all three days of Desertfest. Whether it’s the pounding tribal drums of ‘Death Is The Communion’ or the dizzying, victorious fretwork of ‘Snakes For The Divine’, Matt Pike and co will be a tough act to beat.

Sunday – May 6th

Boston’s¬†Elder¬†might be just the band to coax you out of your festival bangover, the shimmering, uplifting voyage of ‘Thousand Hands’ much more revitalizing than an Irn Bru and a bacon bap. But just as you’ve managed to raise your head, Sweden’s¬†Monolord¬†might just knock it clean off your shoulders with their thick slabs of tone massive, feedback drenched tone.

Colorado’s¬†Primitive Man¬†might just be the most terrifying prospect on this, or any other, festival lineup. Their tar thick, nihilistic take on doom is truly crushing, topped off by one of the most brutal vocal assaults in extreme metal courtesy of¬†Ethan McCarthy. Malmo’s¬†SUMA¬†might give your body more of a break, but spiraling, feedback hazed trips like ‘Let The Churches Burn’ will definitely blow your mind.

Nottingham’s¬†Bismuth¬†make enough noise that you’d think they were an eight piece, rather than just two, but their droning doom will start breaking you down into your baser elements regardless. Kings of psyched out stoner, New Jersey’s¬†Monster Magnet¬†will be on hand to strut their stuff at The Roundhouse, but only after what’s sure to be a triumphant set from¬†Hawkwind.¬†

Yeah,¬†that Hawkwind: fifty year veterans of the British space rock scene, Dave Brock’s band of cosmonauts has featured former alumni including Ginger Baker, Arthur Brown the much missed Lemmy. With such a mighty back catlogue, expect many more bangers than just ‘Silver Machine’.