Dave House becomes Permanent Record and streams ‘The Vision’

By Ben Tipple

Dave House last released a solo record back in 2009. Since ‘Intersections’, a title that would be absorbed by Into It. Over It. four years later, he’s been playing as the guitarist for punk outfit Pacer resulting in the release of three full-lengths, most recently 2012’s ‘Mechanical’. Having taken a step away from the musical limelight, House is now set to return with his new Permanent Record venture and an all-new sound.

“It’s been 7 years since my last solo album and so much has changed for me, both personally and musically,” House explains. “With this album I felt the need to start afresh with a new name and approach to songwriting.” Although changing the name might stop some of the inevitable confusion with Dave Hause, it’s more than just a face-lift. With ‘Everything Is Happy Now’, the debut Permanent Record full-length, Dave House feels more assured than ever.

“‘Everyone Is Happy Now’ is the most varied record I’ve made, there are a few tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Intersections’ but on the whole I think it builds upon everything I’ve made in the last 15 years,” he admits. “It’s also the first record I’ve made entirely alone, both playing and producing.”

After a lengthy intro, ‘The Vision’ breaks into a lyrically exposed thing of beauty. With vocal and melodic nods to Death Cab For Cutie and the aforementioned Into It. Over It., Permanent Record should see House break out of the niche underground that has celebrated his work for fifteen years.

‘Everyone Is Happy Now’ is available to pre-order now via BandCamp.