Check out this video from Summerman

By Maryam Hassan

We’ve got a video today from Tokyo’s Summerman, which contains not one, but two songs remixed by Fridge Poetry. If you like blissed-out, dreamy indie pop this is for you.

Alexei had this to say about the video:

“On Johnny Foreigner’s first ever trip to Japan, we were befriended and entranced by the most enthusiastic club DJ we’ve ever met. His name, obviously, was Mr. Music. It was 2008, and mashup culture was peaking hard in Tokyo. His catchphrase was “not one song (dramatic mini pause) but TWO SONGS”. As a leaving present, he gifted us n1sb2s mix CDs. I got an Arctic Monkeys compilation where every song was merged with something by Michael Jackson. I think Jun got Guns n Roses and MJ?

On last year’s visit, we were lucky enough to piggyback a couple of Yr Poetry shows on the end and had the privilege of playing with Summerman. It was p much one of the best sets we’ve ever seen ever and took a good 6 months living in a different country to shake those earworms out of our heads. So it seems totally fitting that when Jun made this remix for them he used not one, but two songs. This lovely video was created by Jacob Tomlinson in an ongoing tradition of translating our holiday footage into blissed-out visuals.”

Jacob has words about the video below too.

“To mirror the track’s dreamy textures I procedurally glitched out photos until there was nothing of the original images left. Then I played them backward so the abstract mess slowly forms back into something you can make sense of. There’s also live footage that Junior took of Summerman, thrown to show off how powerful their energy is while performing.”

Check out the tracks below: