Check out the new Worn Spirit EP

By Maryam Hassan

Today’s stream comes from Worn Spirit, a Michigan based band featuring members of Cave Needles, Homelife, Fisherking, and Cavalcade. We have a stream of their self titled EP which is out today on cassette via Business Casual, Ian Graham’s (Cheap Girls) label. He had this to say about Worn Spirit..

“I had heard the bands around Lansing that Ben, Mike, Jake and Christian grew up playing with. Whether high school, whether it was at the bar we all play, they’ve always been active in their own ways.

I remember the excitement amongst the guys as they were putting Worn Spirit together; the productive practices that seemed like breakthroughs to them in their internal velocity, Ben not being able to sleep from excitement the night before going in to record (See, I live with Ben), and then finally hearing the songs they’d made coming through the stereo from the room across the hall. They were right to have been as excited as they were and are. That’s because they’ve produced an amazing initial batch of songs that makes me think of the casual delivery of Silkworm, the swirling-yet-intentional guitars of too many bands to begin to name.

You can hear their diverse and expansive, sometimes even conflicting, record collections coming through on 5 simple but focused songs that never needed too much refinement because when a song works, it can just move forward on its initial legs and it’ll all be just fine.
These songs mean the world to Worn Spirit and it’s without any question that they’ll stick to the ones they’re supposed to hit.”

Have a listen to the EP below:

Grab a copy now: