Check Out the New Video From Cavorts

By Maryam Hassan

We’re almost at the weekend. To roll you into it in style we have a brand new video from Cavorts. ‘The Working Weak’ is their new single, which is also out today, and you can watch the video for it below:

Guitarist Dale Evans had this to say about the video and the band:

This is the video for The Working Weak. It’s the first song we wrote and recorded with Matthew Conway on vocals. It’s an ode dedicated to all of us who are trapped in an ever decreasing cycle of low wages and benefits. A song about standing up and finally saying No. We’ve never been an overtly political band, even though we all hold strong convictions and opinions, it’s never felt right to express them musically. But the time feels right to add our voices to mix.

Since joining writing and playing shows with Matt has been a real pleasure. It’s opened the floodgates of creativity and we’re pushing out in directions we would never have considered. Sonically we’ve lost a guitar but seem to have gained a load of volume. Because we’re essentially a three piece everything has a distinct sonic place and this just seems to have pushed the volume and the energy through the roof. We can’t wait for you to see this video and see you out on the road.”