Candy Ambulance take us through their latest EP ‘Spray’

By Mark Johnson

Garage punk trio Candy Ambulance recently released their latest EP ‘Spray’, which is available for purchase here. We invited the band to share the meaning behind each track; check out what they had to say, plus a stream of the EP, below:


‘Spray’s inspiration came from a manic night of cleaning. When I get stressed I break promises to chill the heck out. Instead, I deep clean the fridge.


A song about drinkin’ and meaningless sex!

Cooks in the Kitchen

Is a love song to alcohol as the mistress. It’s also about being lonely and writing a song.

Inner Child

I wrote ‘Inner Child’ when I was 15. I hated feeling like growing up was killing the kid in me. Fortunately, I never did grow up.


Is a love song about a guy from Iowa.


Is about finding out the guy from Iowa got a hand job while we were dating.

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