Beachheads: “A lot of people will think this is a side project, but it isn’t”

Beachheads: “A lot of people will think this is a side project, but it isn’t”

By Glen Bushell

Jan 6, 2017 11:57

Those who are familiar with Norwegian metal titans, Kvelertak, know exactly what to expect. What you may not be aware of, is that two members of the band have a fondness for something different. Melody driven power-pop rock, brought to you in the form of Beachheads. .

“I guess a lot of people will think of Beachheads as a side-project, but it isn’t,” explains guitarist, Vidar Landa. “We put the same amount of energy and heart into this band. We are just not able to play as much live as we would like to at the moment. But I am confident there will be more time in the future and until then we’ll just continue to make music and play whenever we get the chance.”

Beachheads formed after Landa and fellow Kverlertak member, Marvin Nygaard, began jamming out something different to their day job. The two would share music with each other, bonding over a “mutual love of power-pop and punk bands,” which Landa says became a fun and inspirational zone for the pair. “After recording some demos in 2013, we got together with our friend and singer Børild, and later drummer Espen. Since then we have released a couple of singles and played some shows here and there while working on our debut record.”

Excitement for the release of their debut album has been building within the band for the past few months. “It has taken quite a while to get this album ready,” admits Landa, largely due to the heavy touring schedule kept by Kverlertak. “On the upside we have had time to develop as songwriters and as a band, and we really feel we have made an album bursting with energy and good songs. Most of it was recorded live during five super hot summer days in 2016.”

One of the stand out tracks, which is hard to pick among an album filled with such infectious and accomplished pieces, is ‘Moment Of Truth’. It opens the album up perfectly and falls somewhere between The Lemonheads and Big Star, which Landa confesses he was listening to a lot during the writing of the song. “I remember we had to make an effort at rehearsals to get it right, but it ended up being one of our favourites,” he enthuses. “The song describes the hopelessness and shock you feel when someone close to you passes away unexpectedly and way to early.“

The inspiration of their peers and heroes can be heard throughout Beachheads self-titled debut album. The Replacements, Husker Du, Wipers, are all part of their lexicon. Landa put together a playlist of songs that will help give new listeners a better understanding of the band.

“We draw inspiration for songwriting from all over the place, but I think you can easily hear traces of Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg in our songs,” says Landa of the playlist. “Musically we want Beachheads to be somewhere in-between the ten songs we have selected for this list. On a good day these are the kind of songs that makes me immediately want to sit down and write songs of my own. On a bad day they seem so strong and timeless that I feel like putting the guitar away forever.”

Ultimately, the best way to get to know Beachheads is by listening to the music itself. Remaining humble, Landa explains why you should check the band out. “I think the music will explain this better than I ever could. But if you have a soft spot for catchy melodic guitar pop, there is a fair chance you will enjoy this.”

As they prepare to release their debut album, the vision of Beachheads is modest; playing shows and writing songs. “The dream and purpose of this band is to be doing what we are doing right now,” enthuses Landa. “But ideally, more of both.”

Beachheads self-titled debut album is released on February 3rd via Fysisk Format.