Backpacks take on emotional abandonment with ‘Calls’

By Ben Tipple

Relationships are often fickle. Friends, lovers and even family can leave just as quickly as they arrive, leading to an ever-temporary state of being. Making the most of time together is vital, but never makes the subsequent feeling of emotional abandonment any easier. Deliberate or not, the brightest flame can leave the biggest burn.

On ‘Calls’, Michigan four-piece Backpacks tackle this separation. “I need someone here to remind me who I am,” they present as a lyrical interpretation of their isolation. “And it won’t be you.” The hurt is palpable, driven by the track’s emotionally heavy tones, unashamedly laying their raw feelings bare.

“We’ve had people in our lives that we were incredibly attached to emotionally, leave and fade away without much contact afterwards,” Backpacks say of the track. “Some just across the state, some across the country; some we’ve spoken to and some we haven’t. It was always hard, frustrating and confusing. ‘Calls’ is our expression of the feelings we had while going through the disconnect.”

‘Calls’ is currently a stand-alone release, but will eventually be included in a larger vinyl project from Save Your Generation Records. The track is available to download via Bandcamp. For more on Backpacks, head to Facebook.

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