Atlas tell stories of love and loss with their debut album, ‘B L U S H’

By Glen Bushell

Belgian post-hardcore band, Atlas, made quite the stir with their debut EP in 2014. Now they are back, armed with their frantic and stirring debut album, ‘B L U S H’, which we are bringing you an exclusive listen to below.

“‘B L U S H’ was written in a period of transition and it holds stories of love, loss, suicide, friendship, drugs and other things you go through in your mid 20’s,” say the band of their debut. “On ‘B L U S H’ we aimed to translate these feelings into sounds that vary in intensity, but are all equally abrasive. ‘Youth’ in particular is a reflection on people we met, flirting in bars and clubs while high and drunk just trying to get a short-term feeling of love, and being loved.”

‘B L U S H’ is due for release via Smithsfoodgroup, Black Basset, and Dingleberry records. Pre-orders are available now.