Stray From The Path take no prisoners with their latest single ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’

Stray from the Path’s message is no more unforgiving than it’s ever been, but right now with the way the world is heading, it feels so much more needed – to have that voice in the scene that doesn’t let you forget. “If you preach hate, expect hate” as Drew declares. With their newest single, ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’, Drew and crew serve up some of their most damning rhetoric and most ferocious sounding riffs to date. There is no holding back on this track and it quickly ignites that smouldering flame inside me which burns strong for justice and fairness and hates everything that hates.

This track doesn’t settle for moderation, with lyrics such as “you just got knocked the fucked out, let the punishment fit the crime”, Stray From The Path directly oust those on the right that are reigniting fires of their own all over the world. The best and most raucous moment of this killer track comes at 2:40 and if you’ve seen Stray live, then you’ll understand when Drew screams “Nazi punk fuck off” and all delightful hell breaks loose.

‘Only Death Is Real’ is out on the September 8 and I cannot wait.