The Soup to visit UK soon

By paul

Texan pop-punks Bowling For Soup are expected to announce some UK dates soon.

Jaret emailed Punktastic with the following info:

“Hey…Jaret here….I hope everyone is doing well….

“Me…..I have been a little under the weather, but I think I have finally kicked it, and am ready to rock…..Went to see the Britney Movie this week…..Saw my head about 40 ft wide, for about 2 seconds, and it was scary….I am glad I didn’t flare my nostrils during the shoot…..You also get to see a blury Erik, a couple of times, but the other guys ended up on the cutting room floor…..I think it is because the movie company found out about Gary and Chris’ scene in the new Mandy Moore movie, and thought it created a conflict of interest….Seriously though, they didn’t get shown because
they refused to appear with clothes on, and the director insisted on maintaining the PG-13 rating!!!! Go figure….

“We HOPE to announce our next UK tour early next week…BLOODY HECK!!!

“Don’t forget about my Birthday party on March 6 at the RBAR in Denton, TX…Erik and I will play acoustic, and there will be lots of hot chics,
and frat guys!!!! See you there!


We will of course post the UK dates as soon as we know them.

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