The Ramones – read all about it!

By paul

Just today an argument kicked off in our forums about who were the godfathers of punk rock. MC5? The Stooges? Iggy Pop? Sex Pistols? Blink 182? Ok, maybe not the last one…

Well in my opinion the band that kicked off what we have today is The Ramones. And with the sad deaths of both Joey and Dee Dee in the not-so-distant past, there’s some very good reading on the internet about the band.

The best (and most comprehensive) read is over at who just happen to be our good friends. ‘Slick’ Nick Smith has slaved over a complete history of the band, and it’s an absolute must read.

With a complete (and very thorough) discography and three months worth of hard work having gone into the project, you owe it to yourselves to read it.

And you’ll be left in no doubt who really were responsible for this mess we are now in…

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