The Menzingers to release ‘On The Possible Past’ acoustic sessions on vinyl

By Tom Aylott

The Menzingers at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston

The Menzingers have announced that they’ll release a single-run vinyl print of an 8 song demos that eventually arrived as full band songs on their Epitaph Records debut ‘On The Impossible Past’.

The demo was originally released as part of a preorder package with the album, and it’s the first time it’s been made available in a format that isn’t cassette (ironically one of the best forms of protecting things from cheeky home taping these days).

Check out a statement from the band below (preorders here), and take yourself back to our review of the album right here.

Listen to ‘Casey’ from the release using the player embedded in this article, and then preorder it from Banquet here.

“On The Possible Past” is a collection of eight acoustic demos recorded during the winter/spring of 2011 that showcase a portion of “On the Impossible Past” in its earliest form. Recorded in our bedrooms after what was usually too many beers, these versions were the start of this crazy ride we’ve been on ever since. We originally released these demos as part of a preorder package with “OTIP” in trusty cassette form which has now long sold out. Lots of people have been asking about a re-release on a medium that doesn’t require a ‘96 Buick to play it, so when the opportunity arrived we jumped all over it. “On the Possible Past” is now available on vinyl and limited to 1000 copies. Just wait 10 years till we ask Epitaph to release it on a damn cylinder.

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