Propagandhi confirm Epitaph signing and detail new album release

By Tom Aylott

Following speculation after a song was released through Epitaph Records on Amazon today, Propagandhi have confirmed that they’ll release their new album through Epitaph Records.

The album’s called ‘Failed States’, and will be released through Epitaph in the US on September 4th. Stream the title track using the embedded SoundCloud player below the band’s announcement on the release.

“Failed States comes out on September 4th! Then we play some songs live where you live (maybe)!

Hello fellow confused and frightened inhabitants of spaceship earth. how are you today? Me too. So here is the news literally tens of you have been waiting for: our new record, “Failed States”, will be unleashed on September 4th/ 2012 via Epitaph Records, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy it’s contents before Nibiru comes flying out of the Oort cloud and annihilates Earth in late December, vindicating paranormalists and pseudo-scientists worldwide for about 14 nano-seconds.

Here, listen to a song from it and see if it’s your cup of crude.

If you’re really a keener (and like to wear shirts — of the non-sweatshop variety) you can pre-order “Failed States” here, thereby killing two trophy-hunters with one crossbow bolt.

If you’d like to join us in person to witness us insult each other’s hairlines this fall, please click on the “Shows” link at the top of this page.”

01 Note to Self
02 Failed States
03 Devil’s Creek
04 Rattan Cane
05 Hadron Collision
06 Status Update
07 Cognitive Suicide
08 Things I Like
09 Unscripted Moment
10 Dark Matters
11. Lotus Gait
12. Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report)

For the current album pre-orders (including vinyl bundles) head to

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