Phinius Gage studio diary

By paul

Day 3, from guitarist Pie’s point of view: “Iain arrived cheerily as we cricked our necks and rubbed our eyes for what was to be the last day of actual recording time. The morning was used for Matt’s backing vocals and the remainder of Ade’s lead vocals in the 6 tracks recorded so far. This left Dom, Martyn and I to fidget around the studio and discover a framed photo of Iain “Lion-o” Wetherell sporting a magnificent mullet alongside none other than Brian May – who was obviously brandishing a fairly impressive mullet himself. We ensured that Dom had a record of this on his camcorder. Us non-vocalists managed some gang shouting for a couple of backing tracks, and we utilised Dom’s belching capabilities as a fitting epitaph to ‘Sick Mick’ . We had enough time left to fully record another two tunes that we could actually play with a reasonable level of accuracy, and one fairly ropey 30 second blast called ‘We Swear too Much’. 9 tracks in 3 days was, we all agreed, not bad going. To reward ourselves, Martyn used his work contacts at Virgin to blag free day passes for us at the nearby Virgin Active in Northampton, which included full use of gym, swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi facilities. We treated this as an opportunity not only to relax, but to wash. The receptionists greeted us with suspicion as we strolled in dishevelled and unshaven, and rightly so as we probably did look like a bunch of homeless chancers. But soon after high-flyer Martyn had made a phone call, we were sweating out impurities from years of alcohol abuse in the saunas and polluting the Jacuzzi both physically and verbally with our unwashed bodies and filthy mouths. The health fanatics of Northampton did seem a bit put out to find 5 loud boys invading their health spa, with tattoos and piercings all over the place, (mainly Dom’s). Suitably refreshed and invigorated, returning to Corby was somewhat anti-climatic so we bought more beer and junk food, and somehow resisted the temptation to mingle with the locals in ‘Escape’ nightclub.”

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