Phinius Gage studio diary day 1

By paul

Phinius Gage have just completed the recording of their first full-length album, and it bloody rocks! Faster and more furious than a Vin Diesel movie, this is a record that everyone should get into. But while you wait for it to get an official release, Pie, PG’s guitarist, will relay all the studio action…
“Day 1: It was an early start for us to get to the studios by 9:30am, and we sorely needed Iain’s help via mobile when we reached Corby. This took us on a scenic jaunt through the town… if you call a KFC, ‘Stars’ Nightspot and 70s styled housing estates scenic. The studios are interestingly situated behind ‘Escape’ nightclub – an appropriate but largely unheeded name – and next to a lawn bowling club. Not an obvious place to find a punk recording mecca. The first half of the day was spent setting and mic-ing up the drum kit, which gave the rest of us vital time to discover the location of the kettle and Playstation. With all the drums and amps mic-ed, we launched into instrumental versions of the tracks, managing about 5 before listening to them with the guiding ears of Iain. Next came Martyn’s moment of shame as Lion-o ruthlessly pinpointed all the tiny and not so tiny errors in the bass tracks for overdubbing. Ade and I laughed somewhat nervously as our playing was to be dissected the next day. Martyn was doing sterling work with the overdubs, with our mate Dom filming odd bits for a laugh, when we realised it was 5:30pm and time for Iain to leave us. Being underpaid pikeys, our bed for the next three nights was a mattress on the studio floor. To compensate we treated ourselves to a few beers and a dubious but potent curry purchased from a kebab shop with the nicely understated name ‘A Taste of Chilli’.”

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