Phinius diary day 4

By paul

Guitarist Pie brings us day 4, the bands last in the studio: “This final day was all about the man Wetherell mixing the recorded tracks, and for the most part we left him to his own devices. Thus unoccupied, we spend hours gaming on the Playstation and reading an extensive back catalogue of Kerrang! and Fracture magazines. Every so often, Iain beckoned us into the plush recording room to admire his handiwork on a track at a time and make suggestions. Martyn’s tea-drinking had reached unprecedented heights by this point, and as Mr Wetherell was relentlessly plied with cup after cup, we’re lucky that caffeine didn’t impair his mixing… The Premier Studios guestbook that was resting on a pile of eclectic CDs produced by Iain, occupied us for a while and we added our own rambling entry after reading those of all the other bands. Particularly amusing was Captain Everything‘s and Skirtbox‘s – I need to ask Tom from Skirtbox about the three-eyed Corby girl. Now there’s nothing like a local disaster to act as a welcome diversion to the tedium of sitting in a studio for 4 days, so when the noise of fire-engine sirens pierced the studios we almost tripped over each in our willingness to observe a bit of drama and burning. It transpired that a young reprobate had started a fire in the Sea Cadet hut across the road, and the smoking building was quickly disintegrating under the force of the flames and fire-hoses, providing quite some spectacle for most of the neighbourhood. A Sea Cadet hut did strike me as a superfluous luxury in a town over a hundred miles away from the sea though. By the time we sauntered back past the bowling club and into the studio, Iain was polishing off the last tunes. We shuffled the order around a bit and added gaps between the tracks, whilst also deleting the odd unnecessary swear word; although many swear words were still very necessary of course. All that remained for us to do was make a couple of copies of the whole recording and have a final cup of tea. We had already cleared the beer cans and take-away cartons that were strewn around the studio and packed up the drum kit and guitars, so with a new recording in our paws we bade farewell to Iain, and a random grubby kid that was trying to force Martyn to have a go on his skateboard. After 4 days of blood, sweat and tea, we have emerged with ‘More Haste, More Speed’. Thankyou Lion-o!”
The band are now touting the record (which is actually rather good), around labels and anyone interested in the band should contact

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