New End Original split shock

By paul

Emo rockers New End Original have lost two of their band members.

Charlie and Scott have left the band due to the old “personal reasons” chestnut…

Anyway, explaining the decision on his website, frontman Jonah said: “Just so everyone has official info actually from me, here’s a little freewrite on Charlie&Scott leaving New End…

“For different personal reasons, independently from one another, Charlie and Scott decided that they didn’t want to be in a band right now. Very strange and sudden.

“There were no fights beyond the normal tour-stress band blowups, and there were lots of really happy things stuffed into the nine months that were playing; it was just stuff in their lives, and we have to respect that.

“Norman and I are still very excited about new songs, and about the record we made. We’re still planning on releasing a couple more singles with b-sides, we’re sorting that right now.

“We did an acoustic session at XFM that yielded some really nice things. It’s really going to come down to finding other people to play with. We’re definitely not going to force it, it has to be a band that feels strong. The main promise I can make is that we’re not gonna make anything half-way.

“Meanwhile, I’m working on the long-promised onelinedrawing full-length. It’ll be out on Jade Tree in May. It’s called Visitor. There’s a lot of songs that I’m excited to get out there, one way or another.”

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