Midtown in movie / like movie


Midtown are feeling pretty smug about themselves, having just released their first video, “Like A Movie”; so smug in fact they put it on the web for all to see! Go check it out at:

boss.streamos.com/real/mcarecords/midtown/living-well_05-02/video/00_like-a-movie_160.ram – 56K (Real Audio) boss.streamos.com/real/mcarecords/midtown/living-well_05-02/video/00_like-a-movie_320.ram – 300k (Real Audio)

boss.streamos.com/wmedia/mcarecords/midtown/living-well_05-02/video/00_like-a-movie_160.asx 56K (Windowsmedia) boss.streamos.com/wmedia/mcarecords/midtown/living-well_05-02/video/300_like-a-movie_320.asx 300K (Windowsmedia)

UPDATE 11/06/02: It’s not actually Midtown‘s first video – they’ve got one for ‘Just Rock n’ Roll’ on the Millencolin split they did earlier this year. Thanks to ‘Corrado’ for pointing that out.

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