Members of Failsafe reveal new band, The Capital

By Ben Tipple

Following the untimely death of Failsafe member Matt Cogley, the members have opted to continue under the moniker The Capital.

“It feels important to explain our situation,” the statement revealing the new outfit and track, ‘Hummingbird’, begins. “As you already know, this year has been the most difficult year of our lives. When we lost Matthew, we didn’t just lose a best friend; he was so much more than that. During the twelve irreplaceable and unforgettable years of playing in Failsafe, Matthew became a fundamental part of our collective identity. Music not only brought us together, it kept us together.”

“It took a long time for us to consider playing music again but, perhaps inevitably, we gravitated towards each other. At some point on this difficult journey, we began to convince each other that it was ‘OK’ for us to still want to create music together. We still have the same passion for music, the same drive and energy to create honest music with genuine integrity. We will never ‘move on’ from losing Matthew. For me, the idea of moving on implies leaving something behind. Instead, I try to view it as ‘moving forward’, something that we all have to do, in our own way and in our own time.”

“Well, here we are. Writing music together feels like the best and most fitting tribute to Matthew,” the statement continues before revealing ‘Hummingbird’. “…this one is for Matthew,” it concludes.

Check out The Capital on Facebook.

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