Kris Roe speaks about new Ataris record

By paul

Ataris mainman Kris Roe has hinted at a few details of what the bands new album will sound like.

In a post on the band’s forum at Kris stated that the band we “are trying to make a record that has alot of substance, where every song tells a story of something completely different.”

The record, their first for Columbia Records, is expected to be released in the Autumn and has the working title of ‘Don’t Ever Compromise What You Believe’.

In his message on the forum, Kris said: “Without giving away too much about our new record I will tell that there will unlikely ever be any “Let it burn” FAT WRECK style drum beat songs in our band ever again, remember that song was left off a record for a reason because it really just wasn’t something we do.

“If you like it thank you but I suggest maybe buying the new Bad Religion album for 13 songs of that style done way better and most of all sincerely, I don’t really enjoy playing that style anymore. Even when I wrote it five years ago I wasn’t really into it, it just kinda wrote itself.

“Pretty much on this record I have said musically it will be our most straightforward, simple, rock record since “Blue skies…” We are just focusing on making it sound very powerful and very big sounding and also just capture the raw sound when we play live now, but lyrically I have had way more time and thought to put into the lyrics since I kept journals of the last couple years while we travel so to me it is much more autobiographical and very well thought out, the only comparison I have is maybe “My hotel year” or “Fast times…” it’s all pretty much somewhere in that style lyrically.

“On another note I will tell you that as far as songs directly dealing with the subject of relationships, there are only a couple out of all 17 songs that are written and there are no guarantees on which 12 or 13 yet that will make it on the record. We are trying to make a record that has a lot of substance, where every song tells a story of something completely different, where in the past I feel that some of the songs were just different variations of the same subject.

“But all I can say is I just write what feels natural at the time, when I am, when I wrote “Anywhere but here” I was 15-19 and just learning to write and sing, when I wrote “Blue skies… ” I was moving to a new place, leaving lots of things behind and unsure about the future. When I wrote “end is forever” I was travelling way too much and trying to find a balance between home and being away from home and musically I was also being influenced by alot of depressing and experimental songwriters.

“In writing this record I feel very clear headed, very content with alot of time to reflect on life and finally just enjoy life, I am defintely happier than I have ever been.”


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