Junction 18 web madness and new EP


After what seems like an eternity, Junction 18 now have a brand new site for everyone to look at. Following the release of ‘This Vicious Cycle’ (ace album, check out the reviews section), the band are moving in the direction of a recording studio to work on their newest release. Here’s what I found at www.junction18.net :-

“we’re going into the studio to do an ep. It’s going to be recorded at the outpost in Stoughton, MA, near a Taco Bell. We have 8 new songs, maybe 7, I don’t know. We’re still undecided on the title of the ep, but we have a few ideas for the name, including: “Scott Morganella is in My basement,” “The Leather ep,” “Hogan,” or maybe “Heroes From the Future.”

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