Imitation is the highest form of flattery…

By paul

Submitted: Taken from The Ataris website: “Hey, This is Kris Roe. I have been informed that someone again is impersonating me on the site “My Space”. For the record. THIS IS NOT ME! I do not talk on this site or any other site like it. Please report this person to their admin and ask for this person to be removed, if they ask for proof that it is not me tell them to check the main page of our website and this message will be here. Playing small jokes on friends and so forth I feel is allright but impersonating someone’s idenity is just legally wrong. I will also be contacting “My Space”myself and asking for this person to be removed. Just know that in the future I do not participate in any of these sites. Sincerely, KRis Roe / The Ataris.”

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