Help Better Off Worse

By paul

Attention every Punktastic reader! Do yourselves a favour and visit and download the two tracks that are available.

Why? Because Better Off Worse, the first ever band to be hosted on Punktastic, need your help.

The band, from Georgia, USA, are a mix of all the best parts of Strung Out, Whippersnapper and The Descendents and have played at venues across the US – even on dates at the Warped Tour.

But why this post you’re all asking? Well, I want to help break this band. Without your help, small local bands with talent won’t get noticed on a wider scale. If everyone that visits this site downloads the two MP3’s, and if they like what they hear then goes out and buys the EP, we can help this band do the business.

At the moment the Georgians are trying to get shows around the state, but are in desperate need of help to get their new record finished, and for someone to help give them that extra push.

Frontman Dustin told Punktastic: “We have been playing shows and what not, having a good time, but everybody asks ‘where’s the new record?’

“That’s a good fucking question. We have got new
songs ready to go without the funding. We are touring in a few weeks with no new record, so it basically bites at this point in time.”

So, everyone go listen, go buy the cd and realise how good this band are. And if anyone at a label, or who wants to help the band further, wants more info, email me and I’ll put you in touch.

There are a few bands that could have kick started this, and if it is a success there will be plenty more, especially those a little closer to home.

Some of you have criticised Punktastic for not covering enough ‘smaller’ bands. Here is your chance to prove to the world that there is interest beyond your Sum 41‘s and your Green Day‘s…


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