Great Cynics Announce New Single

By Maryam Hassan

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Great Cynics have announced their new single ‘Lost In You’. The track is taken from their forthcoming full length release, ‘I Feel Weird’ due out on Specialist Subject on April 13th. Giles Bidder had this to say about it ““I Feel Weird ended up being the fastest and poppiest songs we’ve done. We wanted to cut the crap and made a raw record, so we recorded it live and finished it in just over a week. Its pop simplicity was something we wanted this record to convey. If our last two records were about moving out on your own and discovering an exciting new world, this one’s realising that the only person you have is yourself in a completely up and down world.””

Listen to it below:

Great Cynics are currently on tour in Australia.

Pre Order ‘I Feel Weird’ now at

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