Getaway to Epitaph!

By paul

The Getaway have become the latest band to be snapped up by Epitpah Records.

Apparently the band were picked up after Brett Gurrewitz heard an MP3 of the band, after after discussions and meetings the band were signed.

This is a clear example that getting your band seen and heard on the Internet really can work. Damn you people who try and shut those MP3 sites down!

Anyway, to quote an Epitaph spokesman: “The band’s music has a killer melodic edge and great emotionally driven vocals; they also feature heavy elements and frequently bust into bone chilling screams that are backed by heavy riffs. Overall they have something for everybody!

“The band’s line-up consists of Aaron on drums, Andrew on vocals/guitar, Judas on vocals/guitar and Ryan on bass/vocals.”

The band wrote a little note on the situation and here is what they had to say: “We’re really stoked to be on Epitaph. We’re kind of still in disbelief. We feel it’s quite an accomplishment because we’ve never released an album, never toured, and only really have a handful of songs.

“Right now we’re focusing on writing material for our debut album. Epitaph is an amazing label and we’re honored to be working with them.”


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