Fat Mike speaks!

By paul

NOFX are currently rockin’ in Austraila but that doesn’t stop Fat Mike from talking to his peeps.

Infact his pretty upset at the moment, so we thought we’d let you know why he has a bee in his bonnet.

He said: “Happy new year everyone. I learned a couple of neat things today and I thought it might be nice to share.

“I learned that Enron loaned their company jet to George W for his entire presidential campaign. That was nice of them. It was also nice of George to hire several former Enron employees for his cabinet. I think it’s nice when people help each other out. Like when Enron let the white house know last year that they we’re having financial problems in case anybody needed to sell any stock. Who’s idea was it to privatize power companies anyway?

“When was the last time you went bargain shopping for electricity? I thought it was nice when George W spoke the other day about how he wants to fight for human dignity. That’s a pretty nice thing to say from a man who signed execution orders for over 50 people in the nice state of Texas.

“Human dignity and the death penalty kind of go hand in hand don’t you think? In fact, There are 6 countries in the world other than the US that still execute people under 18: Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. It’s good to know how much we have in common with these countries known for their superior morality. I know a nice thing we could all do, make sure that lying motherfucker doesn’t get re-elected, if he doesn’t get impeached first. Now that would be nice!

“Oh, I also learned that in the summer in Australia there’s about 100 million flys and people down here sure like to put butter on everything.

Fat Mike.”

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