Failure By Design Records open up as Weatherstate release third EP ‘Dumbstruck’

By Lee Male

Weatherstate have officially released ‘Dumbstruck’. This third offering from the Somerset grunge/punks has been bouncing around the Punktastic team ever since we first heard it.

We had a quick sit-down with Ben of Failure By Design Records to get some more information on the release and a general update on everything FBD.

“Oh man, we love Weatherstate,” says Ben, enthusiastic about the label’s second release of 2016. “In the interest of not taking up a whole page with text about why that band rules I’ll just say they just kinda capture what our label’s about y’know. At their core they’re a punk band, but they present themselves with an immediate likability and honesty in their music. They’re not trying to be anything they’re not and are more then fine with not shying away from talking about their influences. That, and their songs just completely shred.”

“As far as future plans go for Weatherstate we’re just looking to continue to push this wicked EP out to as many people as we can. Seriously man, it’s so good. I can’t imagine why anyone WOULDN’T like it (yes, yes, i’m biased, I know) But aside from annoying everyone on our respective online friends lists for the next few months the plan is to get Weatherstate out in front of a load of new people. They’re an absolutely killer live band and out with a point to prove next month on tour around the UK with Wallflower. Oh, and a world tour with Green Day, of course.”

We’re taking the last bit as a joke… but we can hope, right?

Find out what we made of ‘Dumbstruck’ in our review.

Have a listen below, or stream it on Spotify.

Purchase a copy from the lovely Failure By Design Records team here:
FBD Records Store

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