Even more Good Clean Fun!

By paul

Those cheeky chappies at Good Clean Fun Records have now got an extra 16 titles for you to spend your hard earned cash on…


The following CDs are imports from JAPAN! We’ve brought you the finest ska-punk Japan has to offer, from our friends at Phalanx Records in Tokyo –

RUDE BONES ‘Reality Has Become Ska’
RUDE BONES ‘There’ll Be Lots Of Hard Times Along The Way’
The band most often described as Japan’s answer to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – quirky, fun ska-punk that you won’t get out of your head. Both CDs £7 postage paid each.

SNAIL RAMP ‘A Pizza Already’
The 8 song debut album from Snail Ramp, a crazy ska-punk band who sometimes sound similar to Operation Ivy, but Japanese! £7 postage paid.

SHOULDER HOPPER ‘Caution! Too Much Listening For Your Health’
Originally released in 1997, Shoulder Hopper’s 6 song EP is everything you’d expect from one of Japan’s premier ska-punk bands. Melodic, fun and typically crazy! Only £5 postage paid.

VARIOUS ‘Skaville Japan’
The perfect introduction to the Japanese ska and ska-punk scenes. We have a very limited stock of this CD, which features tracks from Rude Bones, Skafull King, Shoulder Hopper, Snail Ramp, Oi Skall Mates and The Bluebeat Players. Only £5 postage paid.

And from Household Name Records of London –

DA SKYWALKERS ‘Smalltown Saviours’
14 tracks of blazing shoutalong streetpunk, with a hardcore edge. £7 postage paid.

Possibly Austria’s finest punk band play a powerful and emotionally intense style of melodic hardcore.12 songs. £7 postage paid.

Released by the Moon Ska Europe Label –

SHOOTIN’ GOON ‘Splottside Rocksteady’
Is this the finest British ska-punk debut album? You decide! The Cardiff boys mix great horns with choppy guitars and catchy tunes. Essential. £7 postage paid.

5 songs each, from two of the UK’s premier ska-punk bands. Both bands also cover songs by the other – in contrasting styles! The latest recordings from both bands. £7 postage paid.

EDNA’S GOLDFISH ‘Before You Knew Better’
EDNA’S GOLDFISH ‘Elements of Transition’
The legacy left behind by the New Jersey pop ska-punks. Each chorus has that big hook that this now defunct band were so popular for. Both CDs £7 postage paid each.

VARIOUS ‘Moon Ska Europe Sampler’
20 songs showcasing the talent of the Moon Europe roster. Songs from Less Than Jake, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Shootin’ Goon, The Toasters, Lubby Nugget, The Slackers and more. Only £5 postage paid.

American imports from Moon Ska Records of New York –

THE TOASTERS ‘Hard Band For Dead’
THE TOASTERS ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down’
The classic 1996 and 1997 albums from the hugely influential New York ska legends. We have only a limited stock of these CDs, so order now! Both CDs £7 postage paid each.

VARIOUS ‘Moon Ska New York Sampler’
21 songs from the bands who redfined the American sound of ska – The Toasters, Edna’s Goldfish, The Slackers, The Pietasters, Let’s Go Bowling, Spring Heeled Jack and Skinnerbox. Also classic cuts from Tommy McCook and Venice Shoreline Chris. Only £5 postage paid.

Last, but not least! From Germany’s Grover Records –

VARIOUS ‘Up Your Ears, Vol. 2’
Remarkable ska tunes from Dr Ring Ding, The Toasters, Laurel Aitken, Skavoovie & The Epitones, NY Ska Jazz Ensemble and others, with 18 tracks in all. Only £5 postage paid.

link: www.goodcleanfunrecords.co.uk

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