Epitaph update

By paul

Straight from their mail shot to all Epitaph fans, here is what is going on in their own little world…

“That’s right friends, Hellcat Tuesday is finally upon us and you know what that means…well, don’t you? It means that three great records will all hit the shelves on the same day! Which ones you ask? Well, let’s see:

“Sing Sing Death House” will street and if you don’t know who The Distillers are… you should dumb ass! Led by fire-breathing vocalist Brody Armstrong’s, The Distillers bring a bit of everything to the table: classic hardcore, old school, street punk, thrash, etc. This band is about to make its mark big time. Listen for yourself at the link below-


“Return of the Loving Dead” will be available and if you even remotely like “psychobilly” music, then get the Nekromantix record. All I have heard and read about these guys is that they are legends in their scene. Every single person is into them and names them as influences. C’mon man: they have an upright coffin bass! What more do you need to convince you? Listen and learn at the link below-


You already own the first two and love them, so why do I have to sit here and tell you all how great the Give ‘Em The Boot record is when you already know? This CD, number 3, has every type of music on it, so saying: “it’s not my style of music,” is not an excuse! Don’t forget that two videos come on the CD also-


I finally got a good copy of the underwear commercial where Kylie Minogue is wearing only see-through underwear and a bra while riding a mechanical bull and moaning…Oh yeah, The Hives’ song “Main Offender” is in the background! That’s why I got it… Well, it’s so good that we had to share it with you all. So you can see it at the links below… and believe me, It’s more than good, it’s great, it’s more than great, it’s amazing, it’s more than amazing it’s got… THE HIVES!



The release date for the new Millencolin one “Home from Home” is getting closer and closer, but what is there to do in the mean time? What if they made a free Millencolin computer game and you have to jam to their music as a biomechanical character from the band? That would be cool…

Well if you haven’t got the joke by now, then forget it. People, you need to play this game! It’s fun as all hell and you can win sick prizes! What are you waiting for? Get it here-


1208‘s “Feedback is Payback” will be out on the 26th of February and I know that you are all going to listen to me and go pick it up right? Seriously, they played the Key Club the other night and just blew it up. It’s amazing to see a crowd get wild over songs they have never even heard before… That’s a sign of something special I’d say! Hit up an mp3 for the song “Lies That Lie” below-


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