End of Year List Day Nineteen: The Holy Mess

By Maryam Hassan

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The Holy Mess


It goes without saying that “Comfort In The Discord” was easily, without a doubt or universal contest, the most solid punk rock record to be self-released in 2014 right? Right. Ok, moving on…..

Here are my favorite releases of the past year…

-CREATIVE ADULT “Psychic Mess”
Run For Cover

I don’t even remember how I first heard of CA. After hearing their previous grip of 7 inch releases, i was super looking forward to a proper LP. Having the anxiety ridden, sloshy graveyard approach of the Murder City Devils, matched with early California hardcore is where Creative Adult comfortably resides. The echo chambery, slithering rhythm that sways back and forth throughout the entirety of this release is paralyzing and in your face one moment, and completely hypnotic and incoherent at others. In my opinion, “Psychic Mess” is the kind of record that has the ability to change the way people think about the future of progressive hardcore.

Listen: “Hyper Aware”


Definitely on their own trip, and taking influence from bands that far exceed your knowledge of music, SDF are without a doubt the most interesting band to exist in punk and hardcore music today.


Their ability to maneuver “Mistress Appears At Funeral” so closely to Natalie Merchant territory while simultaneously treading Fugazi’s deep waters all within the same collection of songs is why this band is so fucking great. Try Them.

Oh, go to their website and have a laugh.

Listen: “Mistress Appears At Funeral”

-TONY MOLINA “Dissed and Dismissed”
Slumberland Records

Technically released in 2013, Slumberland made it possible to hit my ears all the way over here in Philadelphia in 2014. Bay area, Weezer influenced pop rock with solos for days. Such a feel good record. The whole thing clocks in at 12 minutes, yet somehow feels complete. The bridge in “Don’t Come Back” harbors a guitar solo that is so reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms that I nearly shit my 90’s all over the dog park. I had the chance to catch Tony while he was on tour with AM! earlier this year and was blown away by how effortlessly good they were. Chill, humble dude too. I like that.

Listen: “Don’t Come Back”

I’m fairly certain that 2015 will be the year TITLE FIGHT really break the fuck out and have shit get totally haywire and flipped upside down for them. Hella stoked for HYPERVIEW.

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