End of the Year Day Three: Arcane Roots

By Maryam Hassan

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Arcane Roots


Top 3 Albums

Marmozets – The Weird and Wonderful

It seems like over the past couple of years we have been lucky enough to share the stage with Marmozets at pretty much every festival we have played. Needless to say we have been eagerly waiting for a full length album from them for a while. And The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets is a killer debut album. It’s an album full of hooks, the choruses in ‘Particle’ and ‘Move, Shake, Hide’ are massive. But as well as great melodies its still a very kinetic album, with plenty of riffs and heavy tinges as well.

Twin Atlantic – Great Divide

Sticking on the theme of bands we have played with is Twin Atlantic and Great Divide. Great Divide picks up where Free left off with an abundance of soaring melodies and hooks. ‘Brothers & Sisters’ is a great example of the euphoric song writing that has brought them so much main-stream success. There are still grungier moments that are reminiscent of Vivarium, ‘Cell Mate’ being one. But there is a definite radio-friendly feel, ‘Heart & Soul’ has a big sing-along chorus whilst you cant help but nod your head when the verse kicks in.

Everytime I Die – From Parts Unknown

Everytime I Die are a band that frequently find their way onto playlists for our van journeys when we are on tour (including the ETID Pudcast). From Parts Unknown is the latest offering from them. Its classic ETID, all the tunes are short and sweet, most coming under 3 minutes long. They have re-captured the ferocity of earlier albums whilst still keeping their signature breakdowns and riffage you would expect from them.

Top 3 Songs

Architects – Gravedigger

For anyone who has seen us live over the last couple of years, there are occasional points in the set where Andrew will call on everyone to ‘get on the flo’ meaning everyone needs to bounce. The protagonist behind this call is Sam Carter and the guys from Architects. Gravedigger is a song that shows why. It frenetically opens with pounding drums and Sam’s unmistakable vocals. Its a massive tune with a huge sound. But when the first breakdown kicks in is when you really need to ‘get on the flo’.

Royal Blood – Little Monster

The past year has been massive for these guys and with good reason. Little Monster epitomizes their sound; sludgy, bluesy and with just the right amount of heavy. There are elements of Muse and Queens of The Stone Age in there, both vocally and musically. A hooky bass riff in the verse leads into the chorus, and despite there only being two of them in the band, the chorus is a big one, a……..monster you might say.

Jamie Lenman – Muscle Memory

This is cheating a little bit as technically this ‘song’ was released in 2013 on Jamie’s album of the same name. But I thought I would include it here because a year after the albums release Jamie revealed this hidden gem. If you play both the final tracks on each of the two CDs, ‘Muscle’ and ‘Memory’ concurrently, they combine to create a new tune. The end result, ‘Muscle Memory’ combines both elements of the double album, the sludge ridden, almost doom-esque guitar driven side of the heavy album, as well as the folky charm of the mellow album. The song works incredibly well despite it containing opposite ends of the musical spectrum coming together.

Top Pick For 2015

Black Peaks

Having heard lots of great things about these guys from pretty much anyone we ran into, they ended up supporting us on a small U.K tour. The hype was truly justified. Ive used the term sludgy a lot here but its a word that describes Black Peaks well. They are like Oceansize but with more balls! There are plenty of riffs, great melodies and a bit of screaming as well.
Their debut EP ‘Closer to The Sun’ has been around for about a year, but as I write this they are in the studio recording their first full length album, which will be out some point next year, cant wait for it!

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