End of the Year Day 17: Two Houses

By Maryam Hassan

Throughout December we at PT:HQ are bringing you end of year lists from bands, labels and promoters. We’ll have a new one for you everyday so keep your eyes peeled for them! See all the lists here.

Two Houses


Top 3 Albums:

1.Rad Payoff – The Good, The Rad and The Ugly
Killer riffs, raging bass lines, colossal drums. Song titles like “The Bong Remains the Same.” A ferocious, charming debut album by Chicago’s best band.

Purchase: http://www.letspretendrecords.com/shop.html

2. Restorations – LP3
Philly’s guitar heroes are on a tear through the heart of American punk-ish music after putting out this masterpiece third record. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

Purchase: http://www.sideonedummy.com/shop/bands/restorations-lp3/

3.Lenguas Largas – Come On In
A sweeping, psyched-out surfy monster of a record. With layer after layer of tones and melodies, dizzying complexity and startling simplicity, this Arizona who-the-fuck-knows-how-many-piece released a knockout second record.

Purchase: http://store.recessrecords.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1377

Top 3 Songs

1. Against Me!- “Paralytic States” from Transgender Dysphoria Blues
A fat-trimmed version of Transgender Dysphoria Blues became a tour staple for us this year. But it was this tune that felt the most like the perennial favorite’s most complete song writing effort both in narrative scope and melodic development.

2. Rafters – “A Wrist of Cats” from Plucking Grapes From Vineyards You Don’t Belong Anymore
This Minneapolis three piece quietly put out a four song EP this year featuring this dynamic, subtle and melodious gem with most gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics of the year.

3.Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – “2% Chest” from FECKIN WEIRDO
Insane weirdo rap. Best enjoyed in the form of its bonkers music video. #clonennamdi

Watch Out For Theses Dudes in 2015:

Yeesh, an indie/post punk/ish three piece, is putting out their debut LP No Problem on Already Dead Tapes & Records in March 2015. Expect loud, delayed, cacophonous guitars and emo-tinged vocals. They are touring the Midwest and East Coast USA from March to May.

Not exactly a new name, but the Sass Dragons recorded a new record True Adventure which ought to come out in 2015. We don’t know any details. But fuck me if it’s not going to be rip-your-dick-off good.

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