End of the Year Day 13: Moving North

By Maryam Hassan

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Moving North


Top Three Albums

The Menzingers – Rented World

Hands down. How do you produce something better than your incredible career-defining third album? You write and record Rented World. Fucking hell. As a snapshot, opener “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore” is the best way to kick off a record. “Where Your Heartache Exists” is a song that they’ve never really been close to making before, I think of it as more of an Oasis song than a song by The Menzingers but I live in Manchester so whatever. And “Nothing Feels Good Anymore” is the best emo song I’ve ever heard, there’s no point in trying to be sad anymore, even though it’s fashionable with your soppy two-pieces. “..and my heart’s on the floor, nothing feels good anymore” done.

Apologies, I Have None – Black Everything

Perfectly titled, “Black Everything” is the darkest, most brutally honest collection of songs. I’m sorry when I said I didn’t love you, what I meant was “I hate myself” – who writes like that? No-one. I was really gutted when Dan left the band at the start of the year because A,IHN are a band really close to me and pretty much responsible for anything I’ve ever done in the punk scene. It all started with Josh and Dan (and Russo) and I’ve followed them from 2-piece to full band, CD-R to 12″ and when 50% of that leaves it’s a big shake up. But Josh is my favourite songwriter in the world, hands down, and although there’s no Bondy balancing it out, it comes through so brutally honest that you can’t help but take notice. It’s absolutely raging and lyrically above anything anyone else has written in years (apart from Bangers songs).

The Smith St Band – Throw Me In The River

This album is perfectly weighted, Intro/Outro, ongoing theme of accomplishment throughout (rightly so) and even a nice nod to our boys in Apologies, I Have None in “East London Summer”. This record is head and shoulders above anything they’ve previously released and if you’ve listened to any of the back catalogue you’ll know how high a praise that is.

Top 3 Songs

Beach Slang – Filthy Luck

I think the only song that kicks off an album/EP more immediately than Filthy Luck is I Live In Hell by Dear Landlord. Filthy Luck is the first track on the debut EP from Beach Slang and bloody wow. Scream your heart out while dancing your mind away with that lead guitar.

Gnarwolves – Bottle To Bottle

Track 4 on the self titled album provides an anthemic, bubbling chorus coming after a slow, palm-muted address. Listen to it all day.

Boston Manor – Peach State

Boston Manor seem to be one of the only UK pop punk bands that aren’t trying to hide the fact they’re British. Nigel Farage probably bloody loves them but don’t let that stop you from joining in. Check out their high-budget video for “Peach State” where special effects have made Blackpool not look like a shithole.

Pick for 2015

One pick for 2015? That’s a tricky one, I feel things are going to pick up for folks like Moose Blood, Boston Manor and Gnarwolves. Creeper are definitely going to be one to watch. But obviously the main pick for 2015 is going to be Throwing Stuff who’ll be releasing their album at some point and reaching the levels of superstardom that they’ve long deserved.

Well done Kieran

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