Capdown cancel – the official word

By paul

UK skacore band Capdown have officially cancelled their European tour after their basist suffered a severe back injury.

And Lil from Household Name Records has lept to the bands defence following the last news item that appeared on Punktastic, jokingly making light of the situation.

But here at Punktastic we are more than happy to give both sides of the story, so here is the case for the defence:

Lil said: “It [the injury] really is very much more serious than you are making out. Not
only do the band need to tour to get money to live – any cancellation is a major setback (unlike blink or lars).

“Secondly the poor guy can
hardly walk or sit down – to be precise it’s a trapped nerve
compounded by damaged discs in the spine. But the result is a ‘bad back’ nonetheless.

“So the prospect of travelling up to 12 hours in a transit all across Europe is unthinkable if he is not to end up in a
wheelchair at 22. “

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